Masteroppgaver og disputaser

Universitetet i Oslo


Madeleine Legodec Boberg

Nutritional status, diet, blood lipids and CRP in patients from a single renal outpatient clinic. Veiledere: Sedegheh Gharagozlian (hovedveileder), Kirsten Holøven (biveileder)

Christina Nicolaisen Kjeserud

Diet, body composition and bone mineral density in pediatric patients with home parenteral nutrition and a reference group of healthy children.

Veiledere: Janne Anita Kvammen (hovedveileder), Christine Henriksen (biveileder)

Berit Kjellrun Dyrnes Fjøseide

Cultural adaptation and linguistic validation of the PG-SGA to the Norwegian setting. Veiledere: Lene Thoresen (hovedveileder), Christine Henriksen (biveileder)


Gisle Langslet

Treatment and long term follow-up of children and young adults with familial hypercholesterolemia.

Emine Kale

Communication barriers in healthcare consultations with immigrant patients.Veileder: Arnstein Finset

Universitetet i Bergen


Liv Grimstvedt Kvalvik

Smoking among pregnant women in Norway. Prevalence, self-report validity, and associations to SGA and «early programming» using family and sibling design.

Veiledere: Kjell Haug og Rolv Skjærven

Carine Limdquist

Mitochondrial function in the regulation of plasma and liver triacylglycerols.Veiledere: Bodil Bjørndal, Rolf Kristian Berge og Espen Rostrup

Marie Holm Solheim

PI 3-kinase regulation of mice and men: Novel aspects of insulin and growth factor signaling. Veiledere: Pål R. Njølstad, C. Ronald Kahn og Anders Molven

ANNE-CATRIN ADAM Investigating the metabolic, transcriptomic and DNA methylation signatures of high dietary arachidonic acid in zebrafish – Epigenetic and transcriptional effects in the next generation. Veiledere: Kai Kristoffer Lie, Kaja Helvik Skjærven og Rune Waagbø

Linn Anja Slåke Vikøren

Salmon and cod fillet consumption and effects on metabolic risk factors. Intervention studies in humans and rats with overweight and obesity.

Veiledere: Oddrun Anita Gudbrandsen, Jutta Dierkes og Gunnar Mellgren.

Mieraf Taddesse Tolla

Prevention and treatment of cardiovascular disease in Ethiopia saves more than lives: cost-effectiveness analysis, extended cots-effectiveness analysis, and financial risk protection.

Veileder: Kjell Arne Johansson